Kohinoor Basmati Rice India

Kohinoor Basmati Rice India| Buy on Amazon

  •  Naturally curated and nurtured with the most care
  • Extra-long and flavorful rice seeds of Kohinoor Royale Basmati Rice ensures great dishes
  •  Ultimate taste and sweet earthy aroma enhance the rice-eating experience
  • Ideal for making joyful preparations like biryani, pulao & steam rice
  •  Gluten-free rice governed by the highest food quality and safety standards
  •  Kohinoor Royale Authentic Basmati Rice also available in 1 kg & 500 g pack
  • Country of Origin: India


Kohinoor Basmati Rice India

Why Kohinoor Basmati Rice Is Best?

Pros and cons

  • One of India’s finest, Kohinoor Royale Authentic Basmati Rice has been naturally curated and nurtured with the utmost care so that they bring out the authentic taste of every dish.
  • Refined grains of Kohinoor Royale Basmati Rice keeps alive the tradition of serving real tastes.
  • Each extra-long rice grain of this basmati rice is flawless, and a rich aroma makes it an ideal bargain for special occasions. Ideal for dishes like biryani, pulao, and steamed jeera rice, these premium rice grains add to the authentic taste of your festive dishes.
  • At Kohinoor, we go the extra mile to give you the best – from selecting the fields through a scientific approach to choosing the most refined rice grains – we pursue excellence at every step. After all, Kohinoor is committed to the tradition of bringing the most authentic meals to your table.
  • Kohinoor Basmati Rice invites connoisseurs like you to indulge in the magnificent experience and make every mealtime moment truly special.
  • From biryanis, treat your loved ones to some delectable dishes made using this pack of Kohinoor Traditional Authentic Basmati Rice.


Full of Flavour

  • Packed with tastes and easy to prepare, the extra-long grain Kohinoor Platinum Basmati Rice is a real treat for your tastebuds.

Traditionally Aged 

  • This packet of basmati rice has been aged for 24 months to give it a distinct, nutty taste. Get ready for some fragrant and delicious dishes made with the Kohinoor Authentic Platinum Basmati Rice.

Production Kohinoor Basmati Rice India

  •  Kolkata: India’s basmati rice production this year is likely to be 8% higher than last year’s level at 7 million tonnes, according to a rice exporters’ association, thanks to good rainfalls and availability of farmhands during the sowing period. 
  • The making of basmati rice will be higher this year, which is proper for the industry. Residential consumption is increasing, and newer markets for exports are opening up, said Vinod Kaul, executive director of All India Rice Exporters Association.



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